Beauty and the Beast

, in Happening

I went to see a live version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast last night . Not that I would not normally spend money on such a thing ($50!) but a friend of mine was playing in the orchestra. It was a very enjoyable show, the singing was great, and the costumes and special effects were amazing - a particular crowd favourite was the french Chef/Candlestick with lighted candles.

The musical itself is pretty slight. Its 4 word title manages to convey the original producers, identify both the main characters, and give away 80 percent of the plot. All of the memorable songs from the movie are included (as far as I can remember) but the first half is padded with all sorts of forgettable fluff until the plot gets going. Still, there is not enough whimsy in the world, and a 6 minute all-singing, all-dancing crockery review makes up for a multitude of sins.

Unfortunately, should you wish to see this for yourselves you are probably too late. It closes at the Bruce Mason Centre this Saturday to make way for a glorious session of Dorothy the Dinosaur's Dance Party.