I am contactable via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I have also recently joined Mastodon.I am Andrew Stephens, a New Zealand programmer living in Boston, USA. This is my site, where I put various projects and musings.

I write on things that interest me at the time - typically books, films, places I visit, and programming. If you are looking for posts on particular subject I suggest looking at the Tag Cloud.

Recently I released a choice-based scifi text adventure where you command a Federation starship on a desperate mission. You can play Voyage of the Marigold in your browser here. Each game takes about 20 minutes.

If you are just clicking around and looking for something diverting, might I suggest either my TV Opening Sequences Quiz or the deeply silly Planet From Doctor Who or Hair Care Product.

Slightly more serious but hopefully also fun are Boston Throughout the Seasons (with bonus cheesy crossfading) or the slightly educational How Far is TRAPPIST-1.

You can also peek at the popular posts according to my Visitor Statistics.

Finally, you can get a list of all posts. And of course, you can subscribe via rss or atom if you wish.