TV Opening Sequences Quiz

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UPDATE This was a popular so I went ahead and added an additional ten shows.

I have always been fascinated by the opening sequences of television shows. Somewhat of a dying art form in these days of streaming, truly great openings should have you humming the theme while bewitching you with promises of forthcoming entertainment.

A meta-example of TV openings
A meta-example of TV openings

Often times the openings are much better than the shows themselves.

Here are a number of frames taken from well-knownWell known to me, at least, but I have tried to be fair and not pick anything too obscure. television shows. Likely you have seen these frames dozens of times - but can you remember the shows?

Click on an image and type the name of the show (press return to submit your answer). You will know when you get the answer correct.

As you can see, this quiz is quite hard. I had the idea that it would be solved by a team so don't feel bad if you have to consult other people.

Halfway through. Hint, you can judge the age of the show by the aspect ratio of the image. Newer shows are produced in widescreen so their frames are not as tall.

Nearly finished, only five left.

You have 0 correct (out of 20). I will post the answers here sometime next week.

The numbers at the top-right of each image are the number of people who answered correctly along with the total number of answers. If you get the answer right for a show with a large ratio (Show I for example) you can feel extra smug.

UPDATE - I've posted the answers.