Movie Review : Taken

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A man reluctantly lets his teenage daughter take a trip to Paris . As soon as she arrives she a kidnapped (or taken, if you will) by an evil white slavery ring. Luckily she was on the phone to her father at the time and manages to scream out a description of her attackers. Even more lucky - her father is a retired "fixer" for the US government with the skills to take on a small army. He quickly flies to Paris and sets about finding his daughter using the time-honored shoot-everything-in-sight technique.

A bog standard revenge film, Taken does little to distinguish itself except by being a little more brutal than average. The hero kills and tortures dozens of nameless people to get his idiotic daughter back. Sure, "dey were all bad" (read the previous phrase in an Austrian accent) but half the people killed were only tangentially involved. Of course, the police are no help and are actively working against him - the city of Paris should sue the producers for defamation.

In short, not one of Stephen Seagals best films.

What did you say?

It's a Liam Neeson movie?

No way!

Not recommended unless you really, really like this sort of thing.