Andrew Stephens, Wednesday the 22nd of April, 2009 in Computing

phoneThe question came up at work: what is the longest English word you can TXT using only a single key on your phone assuming no fancy predictive text?

Using a list of my favorite 147948 words and a few lines of python the answer is easy to find.

The longest word that can be typed with a single key is "deeded".

Awesomely, second place is a tie between "abaca" (a species of banana) and "effed" which is not actually in any reputable dictionary but damn well should be.

There are nine 4 letter words: "tutu", "noon", "moon", "mono", "high", "feed", "deed", "baba", and "abba".

Remember, knowledge is powerUpdate: For more power, check out the same thing with the the QWERTY keyboard.