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For a blog called "Life of Andrew", this site doesn't actually have a lot about my life . This is partly because I am a cypher with an impenetrable air of mystery and partly because I am very boring. But I have recently moved cities and felt I should mark the occasion.

That's right, I am now officially a Wellingtonian (well, technically speaking a Poriruite but who is counting?) I was lucky enough to be offered a temporary place to stay by a friend of mine who I knew had had awesome house right on the coast in Plimmeton, so of course I accepted straight away. When I actually came to make the drive from Auckland I was perturbed to find that he had moved into a unit since I was last down. I shouldn't have worried, this is the view from the "unit":

The view, looking out over the Porirua Harbour

It turns out to be a 3 story town house on a cliff overlooking Porirua Harbour. It is a little out of the way, but since I am working from home this suits me fine, so I am now officially paying rent as a long-term flatmate.

My furniture arrived today. Trying to fit a house-load of stuff into two rooms is proving difficult, but it is great to actually have a real bed to sleep in for a change.

Being the capital, Wellington has capital features such as Landscape (with a capital L) which makes the Auckland volcanic cones look like molehills - it is a very pretty city. Unfortunately Wellington also has Weather (with a capital W) - the city does tend to get in the way when the atmosphere decides it needs to be somewhere else. I think I have seen more wind in 2 weeks than I ever saw in Auckland, but the fine days are fantastic and it is certainly dryer in general down here.

It takes time to adjust to a new city, I am still finding out where the useful shops (P.B.Tech has a branch down here!) and facilities are. But so far everything has gone amazingly smoothly.

I think I am going to enjoy Wellington.