Blade : Trinity

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Blade : Trinity

Half human vampire nemesis Blade meets some unexpected allies and fights Dracula in a film that suffers badly from sequallitis. Blade 3 doesn't make as much sense as Blade 2, which in turn didn't make as much sense as Blade - a movie that made very little sense in the first place. But the biggest problem is not the plot, rather the cast. The new heroes appear in a transparent attempt to launch a spinoff series, but are so irritating that I can't really see it happening. It also seems that between Blade 3 and the last movie, the vampire race has declined to such a level that any fool with a couple of months of karate training and a silver plated sword under their belt can wipe out at least a couple without breaking a sweat.

Blade himself has a much diminished roll, and only a couple of good fight scenes. Whistler was one of the better characters in the previous films, but Kris Kristofferson's performance here is flat, portraying not so much "mentor/weapons expert" as "contractual obligation/new agent time".

The DVD contains an extended cut for the masochistic, and a deleted scene that looks like it was intended to be the original ending. It features a werewolf and is too stupid for words.

A sad comedown for a once proud line of action films - not really recommended.