Movie Review: Beyond Re-Animator

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beyondreanimator.jpg Herbert West has a problem. The world just doesn't appreciate his genius, so much so that he has been rotting in jail after his previous experiments into reanimating dead flesh got a little out of hand. But now thanks to a new prison doctor with an agenda of his own, Dr. West may be able to finally complete his work.

Horror movies sequels almost always follow the law of diminishing returns and this is no exception. The first Re-Animator movie was a fantastically dark comedy; this film veers slightly more towards goofy satire but is still pretty watchable if not actually very creepy.

The DVD box claims that it is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, perhaps there should be a Oscar for "least faithful adaption of a written work". In particular, I don't think Lovecraft ever envisioned a fight between an animated severed penis and a angry rat.

Not too bad if you like this sort of thing.