Movie Review: The Departed

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Another gangster movie by Martin Scorsese? Count me in!

The Departed tells the highly unlikely story of two cops, one deep undercover in the Irish Mafia, the other on the police team dedicated to bringing down the gangsters but secretly working for them. During the course of the film, they find out about each other's existence but not identities, and so begins a game of cat-pretending-to-be-a-mouse and mouse-who-is-really-a-cat. To make things even more Shakespearean, they both end up sleeping with the same woman.

The Departed is filled with some major acting talent, which helps a lot to gloss over some of the more ridiculous plot points. Jack Nicholson is particularly convincing as the slimy gangster lord. Ultimately, I was disappointed with this film. Its not that it is bad, in fact it is very good. But it's not great.

Recommended if you like this sort of thing.