Movie Review: The Name of the Rose

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CSI: 14th Century Italy was the least popular of the CSI spinoffs
A grisly unexpected death occurs in a 14th century Italian monastery that is shortly to be the venue for an important political and theological debate between the Franciscan order and the representatives of the pope . One of the visiting Franciscan monks has arrived early, and his analytical mind is well suited for the challenge, which is lucky because the bodies soon start mounting up.

"You have paid the price for your lack of vision"
This is one of that rare breed - a film the captures the spirit of a great book. The whole thing plays out like a Sherlock Holmes mystery, and the monastery setting allows for all sorts of secret passageways and lantern-lit skullduggery. Sean Connery stars as William of Baskerville (presumably somewhere in Scotland), but the real draw is the scenery. I don't know where it was filmed, but the whole thing looks fantastic. Although not as detailed as the book, the film manages to include all the various details of life in the monastery and the theological thinking of the time. This all makes for much better viewing than it may sound.

Highly recommended