Some Stuff I have Seen Recently

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Black Sheep

New Zealand comedy-horror movie, with the emphasis mainly on the comedy. Genetic experiments cause mutant sheep to go on the attack on a remote farm; anyone bitten by one finds themselves changing in unexpected ways. Not one of the great films for all time, but well put together and entertaining in its own way.

Taste the Blood of Dracula

I have always wanted to see one of the "classic" Hammer Horrors staring Christopher Lee as Dracula. This one was pretty good, except for the glacial plot, bad hair cuts, and a frankly stupid ending. Ok, so it wasn't that good at all, but in its favor it had a nice orchestral score, great colour (everything red was twice as vivid) and the second most awesome title of any movie ever (losing only to Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?). It all depends on what you look for in a movie.

Playstation 3

I got the chance to play around with one for a while. The graphics were nice enough, and the Bluray disk we played looked fine, but I am not convinced it is worth the cost. It is, however, very shiny and when I dropped pizza all over it the mess just wiped right off, so thats a plus. Mini-review of the three games I played: