Full of Piss and Vinegar

, in Politics

I don't usually pay much attention to the big NZ political blogs . At best, the usual suspects are occasionally insightful, but more often they suffer from varying degrees of simple minded egotism and/or outright vileness. However, like the million monkeys writing Shakespeare that they as a group resemble, every so often someone hits one out of the park:

It's hard work at the best of times for political parties to attract good candidates. But it's doubly so for the two main parties, because all the smaller parties are so quick to secure the urine-drinking bank-robbing identity-thieves, leaving National and Labour only the boring and sensible candidates to choose from.

Apart from the woman-bothering expense-rorting ones, those who end up in Parliament for the Nats or Labour often lack colour, but that's probably because they're not drinking their own piss...

The rest of it is well worth reading as well.

This election is going to be like the Rugby World Cup - pretty much a foregone conclusion but the also-rans will provide much entertainment.