Book Review : Cryptic and Oceanic - Two SciFi Short Story Collections

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Cryptic : The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt

Cover of Cryptic by Jack McDevittA mammoth collection of scifi short stories by the prolific Jack McDevitt. McDevitt has an old-fashioned manner and his stories remind me strongly of the tales from the 50s and 60s that I grew up reading - this is not a bad thing.

Not every story is a corker, but most are good and some are downright excellent. My one complaint is that they tend to be rather constant in tone and style, I finished the book yesterday and the stories are all starting to blend together in my head.

Recommended if you like this sort of thing

Oceanic By Greg Egan

Cover of Oceanic by Greg EganAnother collection of Scifi short stories, this time by Greg Egan. Egan is a programmer, and his stories are hard-as-diamond tales of artificial life, strange physical frontiers behind every atom, and clear-eyed researchers heroically hunched over keyboards in darkened rooms. Great stuff, and this collection really shows his ferocious imagination and range as a writer. The title story (full text here) in particular is a very well done piece that packs a lot of depth into a few pages.

Highly recommended