2013 Census Night

, in Politics

Is it weird that I was very excited to fill in my census form for another 5 years? I've been looking forward to it for days .

I feel that is like a Facebook status update that only Statistics New Zealand is allowed to see. Or maybe a multi-choice exam on my specialist subject, me.

I don't have any time for people who object to the fairly innocuous questions on religious practice or race. They are just causing themselves to be underrepresented in statistics that the government uses to make decisions. I fail to see how that benefits anyone. Besides, write-in answers of Jedi or whatever muck up the nice 3rd Normal Form. Won't somebody think of the poor database?

The census collector came around a couple of days ago, he was very cheerful for someone with what I imagine is a tedious job. You can fill in the census online, but I like to kick it old-school with the paper forms which means he has to come back. Censusman asked which days he should return for collection, assuring me that it would "be during daylight hours, especially in this neighbourhood".

I was so insulted that I nearly stabbed him for his wallet.

(Now I am worried that being from the census, he knows something that I don't. Maybe the last census revealed that 15 professional murderers live within 3kms)