Georgie Pie is Back

, in Happening

So MacDonald's have announced that they are bringing back the original Georgie Pie mince and cheese pie. For some reason this is seen by some people as wonderful news.

Maybe it is because I came late to the Georgie Pie phenomenon, experiencing it only when they opened a branch in Dunedin while I was at University, but I never developed a taste for Georgie Pie. To my mind they really only had 3 things going for them:

Of these points, the first is no longer true, the second doesn't really apply, and the third probably contravenes modern health and safety practices.

The other side of the ledger only has one point:

Apparently MacDonald's is not changing the recipe (except for not adding MSG - that was the best part!), so this will still be true. I will not be rushing along to MacDonald's to try the new pie anytime soon.