An Open Letter to IT Recruiters

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Dear Recruiters,

I realise that yours is a difficult job and that sometimes you have to quickly hustle to fill a position . I have always admired the way you manage to extract money by mediating contact between two parties in a manner that would make a real estate agent blush with shame.

And I also know that I am on shaky ground criticising other people's writing style since mine is best characterised as shoddy and barely coherent. However...

Recruiters, you are in an industry that has direct consequences on people's lifestyles and financial health. The IT industry has a well deserved reputation for informality but I like to think the people who may be responsible for my future employment are taking things seriously. I am all for individual expression and colloquialism but there is a time for formal writing. Please do not use txtspk in an unsolicited introductory email.

Hi Andrew Found you on a search, will you be looking for a new role this yr?

Appreciate you're in Auckland so this may not be of interest; I'm seeking a Developer with sockets programming exp, knowldge of Network protocols, & good C# skills for a WLG role if you know anyone pls? rgds [redacted]

Yours faithfully, Andrew Stephens