, in Happening

UPDATE 8/9/2013: there has been a development in the case.

It is usually nice to arrive somewhere to an invitingly open door, but it is less nice when it was a door that you locked on the way out that morning. My house was burgled last Monday via a jimmied window.

The took my TV, a camera, and my nice, brand new, expensive laptop. Nothing that can't be easily replaced except for a leather satchel I brought overseas and my good raincoat. They left my receiver (probably too hard to unhook in a hurry) and speakers, so at least I can listen to the radio.

They also left my old MacMini, despite taking the time to unhook the monitor and the external drive (both gone). I suspect they were unnerved by the Arduino board hooked up to the computer with wires trailing through the house. They were probably worried it was some sort of monitoring device, which it is. However it monitors temperature not intruders.

Helpful graph showing exactly when the thief broke in
Helpful graph showing exactly when the thief broke in

Well at least I know when they broke in.

The police were very nice but did not give me much hope of seeing my stuff again. My poor laptop is probably sitting in its box (they took the box) somewhere, alone and unloved. Apple's Find My iPhone service originally tracked it to an imprecise location, but it has been offline for the last week. It might show up again, who knows?

On the plus side, this unfortunate event has finally spurred me into getting all the locks replaced, something I was meaning to do for the 6 years I have owned this house. Try it now, burglars!please don't