Book Review - Hellstar

Andrew Stephens, Tuesday the 9th of September, 2014 in Films, Science Fiction

Hellstar by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry

Cover picture from Hellstar Earth's first colony ship to the stars is going fine, several decades into its trip to a distant habitable planet. The 8000 inhabitants are healthy and happy in their metal torus. But slowly things start going wrong - mechanical failures and strange physical phenomena manifest themselves with increasing frequency, and soon the population starts showing the strain. A serial killer and a dangerous recreational drug don't help things either.

Hellstar, despite the terrible title, is actually not a bad hard scifi (with a few mystical overtones) thriller. By no stretch of the imagination is it a good book, but it is well-paced and its only real major crime was being written in 1986.

It's time to bring out The Eighties Scifi Paperback Checklist:

Final Verdict: mid-eighties, quick, brainless summer reading.