A Website Manifesto - Introducing sheep.horse

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I am disappointed in the way the web has been evolving. It is not that I dislike web video or social media sites like Facebook; I use and enjoy both. But the web is becoming a fragmented and less interesting place, increasingly a one-way conversation driven by the needs of advertisers packaging up small crumbs of user generated content rather than a forum for the exchange of more complex ideas.

There is a place for pithy wit and dank memes but I prefer the longer argument. I am making a stand! I am going to (re)start my blog!

Are you impressed yet?

What about if I mention a manifesto?

My manifesto, a collection of attributes that I think more webpages should have:

This website tries to embody these principles as much as possible. Nice, simple html pages without clutter or distractions. On the server side, everything is just plain files generated by a python program from easy to author markdown source.

I will make the scripts available once I have finished adding features and this site will become a showcase and manual for their use. I don't claim that they will change the world but maybe someone else will find them useful.

For the general look-and-feel of the pages I decided on using the Tufte CSS project because I like the general philosophy behind itPlus I enjoy writing asides. My scripts are general enough to make changing the theme easy so I may change things up if I get bored.

All this is work in progress and I don't know exactly where this project will end up. I imagine it will be one of the hundreds of thousands of ignored projects on github. But the getting there is the fun part.