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Justice League PosterSometimes a hero needs to venture out from warmth and safety, to travel across town to selflessly use up a friend's free ticket, to see a film that begs to be seen.

And sometimes that hero is thwarted by Thor : Ragnarok being sold out on a cold Sunday afternoon despite being released weeks ago. A hero in that situation might be forced to take drastic measures and spend his free ticket on Justice League instead.

I am going to be upfront and say that I didn't see Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice but apparently Superman is dead.

Batman has the inside scoop on an imminent alien invasion but feels he lacks the ability to cope by himself. So he teams up with Wonder Woman to track down some randoms he thinks might be able to help. The Flash turns out to be some kid with the super useful skill of running really, really fast. Cyborg is half alien himself, which seems like a mixed blessing in this situation, but at least he is familiar with the otherworldly box-based technology the aliens plan to steal. Also, Batman spends ages tracking down and recruiting Aquaman for some reason.

Everyone eventually decides that the league Batman put together is a little on the pathetic side so they bring Superman back to life. Justice is then meted out in the form of lots of punching.

There were a few things I really liked about Justice League:

I don't feel that Steppenwolf made for an effective threat
I don't feel that Steppenwolf made for an effective threat

The things I hated include:

Justice League was half directed by Zack Snyder and then finished off by Joss Whedon - two people with very different styles. This has made the film something of an entertaining chimera; during the dull bits you can play "who did what". Occasionally it is very obvious. Whedon clearly lightened both the mood and the color-scheme from the patented Zack Snyder smoke-tinged grim monochrome.

Speaking of Zack Synder, he gets a lot of flack for his ugly and incoherent films but he is quite simply the best second-unit director working in Hollywood today and the action scenes are pretty cool. And Whedon is good at spinning relatable dialog out of ridiculous characters. Together they have managed to almost make a proper movie. They even have a decent stab at making Superman likable.

Would I recommend Justice League? I watched it for free on a dreary Sunday afternoon and didn't feel like I wasted my time. Final verdict : meh, could do worse.