A Joke

, in Rant

I haven't blogged in a while, partly because I have been working on a secret project and partly because I haven't been inspired to write anything profound lately. However I have just thought of a red-hot joke.

Question: When martians need to stay focused and refreshed while they regard our planet with envious eyes and slowly but surely draw their plans against us, what kind of tea do they drink?

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Cover Art
Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Cover Art

Answer: OoooOOLooooong!

(I will admit the joke works better if you can somehow follow it up with a 8 minute prog rock synth solo. Also the reader has to be aware of both Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and the existence of oolong tea. And it is possible even if these conditions are met this joke is not quite as red-hot as I may have indicated in my introduction.)